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Language services are a vital piece of government operations, and ULG’s extensive experience in the industry, coupled with our innovative technologies, sets us apart from competitors.

ULG’s dedicated government account managers, project managers, and linguist teams have extensive experience providing translation and interpreting services to government agencies. ULG understands the sensitive and time-restrictive nature of language projects for local and federal government agencies. We have over 10,000 subject-matter-expert linguists working around the globe to meet the needs of any government project.

ULG is a General Services Administration-contracted language service provider and leverages the most innovative technologies to provide cost-efficient, effective solutions for any project. Our linguists have experience in the military, defense, and intelligence fields to ensure an understanding of the content they translate and interpret. No matter the job, ULG has the experience, technology and project management capabilities to successfully completely any governmental project on time and cost-efficiently.

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Over-the-Phone (OPI)
Video Remote


Marketing Materials

Press Releases

Website Content


Instruction Manuals
Employee Training

Certification and Assessment Programs
Learning Management Systems


Voiceover and Subtitling
Cultural Assessment of Multimedia Materials

Quality Assurance
Interactive Voice Response Translations

“ULG has been helpful to our technical publications command center and global technical writers as we launched our new global versioning and inventory control processes. ULG continuously provides quality services and adds value to our organization.”

– Global Technical Writer of a leading global manufacturing company

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