Quality and Validation

Quality and validation are necessary aspects of a strong translation workflow. Our validation processes ensure accuracy and consistency and are designed to expedite the translation process.

Translations need to be of high quality in any industry, and documents must go through multiple stages of validation to ensure a solid, consistent end product.

ULG offers validation and quality consultation services to companies in all of the industries we serve, and we strive to customize quality processes and workflows to meet specific client needs. Our project managers consult clients on terminology management, including in-country review, secondary validation and third party reviews and develop workflows that ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
In addition, we work with clients to craft desktop publishing validation procedures that produce content designed specifically for the target market.

All of our linguists are experienced translators who have been passed rigorous language exams that test their ability to accurately translate documents for nuance and cultural relevancy while maintaining the content’s original message.

Leveraging our expert linguists and cutting edge technology, ULG ensures our clients go through the necessary validation steps to create a successful end translation.

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