What is Octave?

Octave is United Language Group (ULG)’s translation management platform. It allows clients to submit projects, receive estimates, download status reports, and manage a terminology database anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Why have we updated the Octave user experience?

ULG strives to continually improve user experience in all that we do. During the past couple of months, we have updated our Octave translation management platform to improve ease-of-use, expand access to system information, and enhance visual appeal for a new and improved user experience that we expect customers will be pleased with.

What Octave features have been updated?

We’ve updated Octave’s look and feel along with the following functionality requests:

Here’s a visual of the new dashboard for the client portal:

The Dashboard Includes the Following Boxes and Corresponding Functionality:
Submit New Project
When users click the Submit New Project box, the Project Submission page appears with the following view:

Quick-Access Boxes
The quick access boxes on the dashboard allow users to access projects by status. Clicking on a box will take you to a page containing your corresponding projects:

Calendar View
A calendar view has been added to the dashboard page. It includes a bar that spans the project timeline and is color coded according to the image above.

Project Details
Users can now click on one of the projects shown in the dashboard for a project summary.

What changes have been made to extend the client portal project history grid?
Additional columns have been added under the View More Columns button so that clients can now view more data about their projects. Users can click on the button to see a menu of options including: Project Files, Estimate Details, Project Team, and Project Dates. When menu items are selected, the data visible in the grid expands to include:

  • A Project Files option allowing users to see source files and publication type columns
  • An Estimate Details menu adding the ability to see Price, Original Estimate, and Change Order
  • A Project Team menu that allows users to see the name of the Client Contact, PM, and AM/BDM
  • A Project Dates menu allowing users to see the Estimate Approved date, Project Kick off date and Project Delivery date




How can I access a file after it’s been submitted for a quote?
Two links have been added to the portal, one to download source files and the other to download translated files.

  • The portal now includes the option to provide specific clients with the download file option. The option is in the CRM/Company Info and can be set to allow zipped file download on the Client Portal.
  • Each link downloads a zipped file that includes each translated file in a folder with the name of the language pair. EX: \english-portuguese\translatedfile.doc
  • Zip files are created in real time to reflect any updates that have been made to the files
  • The link to download translated files will retrieve all files that are available in the FTP and the link will only appear when files are available for download.

How has the ability to review estimates been improved?
We have updated and simplified the estimate page by removing the following:

  • The client information block
  • The remit payment to information
  • The print button on the estimate page
  • The HTML icon from the project history grid

And adding the following:

  • A Statement of Work (SOW) download button (downloaded doc is a PDF)
  • Updated data content and presentation

How can I track my approved, in process, delivered, and invoiced projects in one place?
The new Octave calendar view allows users to review active projects by month, week or day.

  • Users can now see all active projects – approved, in process, delivered, and invoiced – in the calendar view
  • Users can now view active projects in list view
  • Users can now open the project detail page by clicking on the bar chart in the view
  • Color codes have been added to show submitted, estimated, in progress, shipped/delivered, invoiced, and past due project statuses
  • Users can view more than 10 projects at a time
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