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The successful implementation of global SAP software requires a rare combination of linguistic and technical expertise; ULG possesses both, and we are proud to have partnered with our clients to complete hundreds of successful SAP localization projects.

In order to make the smartest, most effective choices about translation needs, the whole global picture has to be apparent. But the variety of translation tools and technologies available and the complex and ever-changing global regulatory scene can obscure the path forward to global expansion. With 35 years of experience and a track record of continuous innovation, ULG is an industry leader and an expert on requirements of translating for highly regulated fields. We can answer questions and provide guidance to global companies localizing and internationalizing technical or marketing writing, and navigating international compliance and regulation standards. We can provide a clear-cut solution by leveraging our experienced staff, regulatory professionals, and technical experts.

Localization Services


ULG’s language masters translate system user interfaces, master data, training and eLearning materials, UAT scripts, change management materials and system documentation during the SAP rollout process.



ULG offers strategic consulting on best translation practices in an SAP environment, language strategies for global templates, system audits, and technical solutions for SAP-specific challenges like hard coding and limited field lengths.


An effective SAP localization project requires ongoing support and development. ULG coordinates the translation changes over time, assistance with post-project questions and general troubleshooting after initial setup.

Software Solutions / Custom Development

United Language Group has developed a suite of translation tools to help our clients streamline the SAP rollout process. Our terminology and translation acceleration technology make for a cost- and time-effective process.


ULG’s subject matter expert interpreters facilitate fit-gap analysis sessions, design and implementation processes, testing, training and support during the SAP implementation and rollout process.

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“We’ve been continually impressed with ULG’s courtesy and speed. With ULG’s aid, we’ve advanced our reach into worldwide markets while improving our own internal process.”

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