Multilingual Enterprise Software integration

Flexible CMS integration capabilities make the translation process more cost- and time-efficient for clients. ULG works with companies to devise CMS integration solutions specifically tailored to their unique business needs.

ULG strives to make the translation process as seamless as possible for clients, and our CMS integration capabilities allow users to easily transfer and disseminate information through a single, centralized system.

We have the ability to connect with some of the industry’s most prevalent CMSs, including Ingueniux, WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal, as well as industry specific solutions, such as the popular Relativity eDiscovery tool. Our proprietary Translation Management System, Octave, contains API connector capacities that allow clients to quickly and easily integrate their current CMS into our secure, web-based translation project management system.

Our experienced project managers and developers work in tandem with clients to create a CMS integration plan that fits client requirements, while taking into consideration time and cost constraints.

Creating a centralized, connected workflow improves the efficiency of a successful translation workflow, and ULG strives to provide consultation services to our clients that allow for user-friendly project processes.


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