Global Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to global standards in highly regulated industries can be tough, but it shouldn’t scare companies away from expanding internationally. ULG’s consulting experience helps clients meet industry standards in any language.

ULG understands the importance of compliance in highly regulated fields. With over 35 years of consulting experience, we help clients navigate the international standards and regulations that are required in their industry.

International regulations in fields like healthcare and the financial industry can be onerous and are ever-changing. We provide consultation on everything from EU medical device labeling requirements to language implications of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Our ISO certifications and validation processes ensure all translation requirements are met, while our certified linguists abide by the Professional Interpreters Code of Ethics. Whether dealing with HIPAA laws or financial reforms like Dodd Frank, our experienced consultants leverage their expertise and cutting-edge technology to make compliance easier for our valued clients.

Keeping up with international standards is imperative for companies to succeed in the global marketplace. ULG realizes the immense challenges regulatory compliance can pose and works with clients to alleviate the pressures faced by companies in highly regulated industries.


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