eLabeling has the potential to be extremely beneficial for life sciences and manufacturing companies, but regulations in the field can be hard to navigate. ULG helps medical device clients create compliant eLabeling materials that live up to industry standards.

ULG provides eLabeling translation services for the life sciences and medical device industries, creating multilingual Instructions For Use (IFUs), labels and packaging information. Our consultants work with clients to customize translation projects tailored to their needs.

The E.U.’s 207/2012 directive came into full effect in March of 2013, and many life sciences companies began scrambling to catch up with the new regulation. ULG helps clients update revised IFUs, protect user data and provide documentation when necessary.

In the life sciences industry, a flawed translation can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why ULG only selects subject-matter expert linguists to translate eLabeling materials. We work with clients throughout the process to ensure a fully compliant, no-surprises experience.

Our project managers have years of experience in the life sciences industry and utilize our proprietary Translation Management System, Octave, to create a centralized workflow in a secure environment.

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