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United Language Group (ULG) has the necessary technical and linguistic expertise to make your company’s international SAP translations a success. Unlike other SAP consulting companies, ULG has over 25 years of experience and has translated roughly 10 million words of training and rollout materials. With its industry experts and technical ability, ULG is an industry leader among SAP consulting firms in the U.S.

SAP consulting is the backbone of global business. When it comes to accurately translating materials and managing processes for SAP rollouts, having a partner you can trust is essential. At ULG, we offer effective SAP localization strategies that foster international growth and relationships while still remaining scalable and easy to execute.

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Expert SAP Consultants

When your organization is in need of SAP implementation consultants, ULG is a name you can trust. With the ability to translate systems into over 30 different languages, ULG has the expertise to ensure all translations are accessible and culturally relevant – no matter what systems or documents require translation.

At ULG, we translate:

  • System User Interface (UI)
  • Training materials
  • UAT scripts
  • Change management communications
  • System documentation
  • And more

Whether you require translation of the system user interface, training materials or change management communication, our team has a proven solution that can address your specific challenge.

International SAP Rollouts

When you choose ULG as your language partner for a major SAP rollout project, we’ll apply our comprehensive expertise at every stage. With our effective language services, your business is able to streamline communication, leading to better international working relationships.

For SAP Rollouts, ULG Offers:

  • Language strategy
  • System audits
  • Source text analysis
  • Language transports
  • Installed SAP language packs
  • Translation system setup
  • Evaluation of potential cost & savings

Successful international SAP roll-out projects depend on clear communication, advanced preparation, and experienced team members. With the help of ULG team, you’ll translate language into a competitive advantage.

About United Language Group

United Language Group is one of the world’s largest and most innovative translation, localization and interpreting providers. With offices in 7 countries and 3 continents, we’re the trusted translation partner for hundreds of regulated and non-regulated businesses. Thanks to our experienced team members and robust technical resources, we offer international SAP consultation for rollouts from beginning to end – accounting for post-implementation updates and development.

When partnering with ULG for SAP consultation, you can expect:

  • Consultation from industry experts
  • Intercultural coaching
  • Continued support needed for any SAP undertaking
  • Full-service translations
  • And more

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