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eBook: Octave User Guide

Machine Translation (MT) is ever present in the translation industry. The technology is being used to shorten project timelines for LSPs (Language Solutions Providers) and reduce costs for clients as they localize content around the globe.
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ULG Octave Client Manual

eBook: The Complexities of Multilingual M&A Deals

Observers who closely monitor the mergers and acquisitions marketplace say that after an economically difficult couple of years, cross-border M&A deals are poised to make a comeback. That’s because credit markets are gradually strengthening, and financing is becoming more readily available.
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The Complexities of Multilingual M&A Deals

eBook: Seven Tips For High-Yield Language Partnerships

The most effective translation and localization strategies align the best people, processes and technology to deliver multilingual content. Properly selected and managed, the right language service partnerships can yield huge dividends: improved quality, greater efficiency, lower costs and accelerated speed to market.
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eBook: Seven Tips For High-Yield Language Partnerships

eBook: How To Optimize Translations And Accelerate Time To Market

To succeed in the global business arena, companies that manufacture and distribute products must be agile, efficient and operationally adept at marketing in unique local geographies. At the center of this formidable challenge is the often complex process of translating and localizing high quality product-related content – typically under intense time pressures. Combined with an ever-expanding list of markets and languages, these multilingual projects can become overwhelming. This requires companies to treat translation as a critical path event, not merely an afterthought, in the product marketing life cycle.
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How To Optimize Translations eBook

eBook: Five Tips To Cut Translation Costs By 25 Percent Or More

Given the current economy, companies large and small are looking for all possible means to reduce costs and maximize revenues. One area where costs can always be saved is in the creation, management and delivery of content – in the form of user guides, online help, product labeling, training materials and marketing collateral. All too often, the production of these materials is laden with a significant duplication of effort, high administrative costs and a lack of quality control tools that can be applied uniformly across all projects.
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Cut Translation Costs By 25 Percent Or More
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