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Working in the IT sector requires being at the cutting edge of technology. ULG understands the importance of embracing new, innovative resources and measures of security when providing IT translations.

ULG has over two decades of experience delivering quality translations, interpreting phone support, and localization services to companies in the technology sector. Our experience has allowed us to analyze trends over time and create effective strategies working in the industry, bridging cultural barriers to gain a broader reach in global markets. Successful in-country review and validation steps help assure a quality translation that is customized to fit each client’s specific needs. ULG’s highly trained, subject matter expert OPI interpreting network can provide the global support necessary for 24/7 IT customer service needs.

Precise translation and adherence to deadlines is crucial for technical translations and language support, and ULG’s technology and ISO-certified security processes ensure clients receive quality projects which meet the necessary turnaround time.

View our specialized language services for IT.

Website Localization

CMS Integration

Content Development
Content Management

Product Manuals

Operations Manuals
User Guides
Instruction Manuals
Product Catalogs

Installation Manuals
Service Manuals
Product Packaging

Desktop Server & Software Applications

Internalization Software Testing

Readability Assessments
Usability Testing

eLearning Materials

Localization Consultation
Translation and Validation
Engineering and Publishing

Voiceover and Subtitling
Localization Testing
Employee Training

ERP Systems

SAP Localization
Desktop, Server, and Mobile systems
Web Application User Interfaces

Content Management Systems

Technical Specifications

Policies and Procedures
Project Guides
Product Specifications

Terms of Use
Engineering Specifications

IT Support and Troubleshooting

Online Help
Support Systems

Training Materials
Over-the-Phone Interpreting Support

“The project management and staff at United Language Group are professional and knowledgeable. They always ensure that translations are delivered in a timely manner. It has been a pleasure working with your team!”

– #1 Global Provider of Enterprise Storage Systems (PC Tracker, May 2016)

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