Total Language Confidence In Any Industry.

ULG brings decades of experience in both regulated and non-regulated industries to every client relationship. Whether you’re in Life Sciences, Legal, Financial, Manufacturing, IT, Healthcare, Government, Insurance or Consumer Products, we know the nuances of your space, and we stay proactive in knowing what’s around the regulatory bend.

We provide specialized services for the following industries:

“ULG’s quality commitment pushes us to improve our sales, technology, processes and strategy. We’re constantly striving to raise quality and efficiency standards to meet and exceed client expectations, as well as disrupt and elevate the industry as a whole.”

—Kristen Giovanis, ULG President & Founding Partner

Our International Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

The International Standard promotes the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system, to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

ISO 17100:2015

Outlines requirements of the processes, operation and management needed to produce quality and accurate translations that live up to client needs and industry standards.

ISO 13485:2016

Specifies requirements for a quality management system that can be used by an organization involved in one or more stages of the life-cycle of a medical device.

ISO 27001:2013

Provides a framework for Information Security Management best practices that helps organizations protect clients and employee information and to manage risk to information security effectively.

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