Translation Services: Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry, regulations are strict and accuracy is everything. ULG provides medical providers with subject-matter expert linguists for all of their translation and interpretation needs.

ULG uses subject matter experts to translate and interpret information for healthcare providers all over the world. We offer over-the-phone (OPI), in-person and video remote interpretation (VRI) while translating everything from patient consent forms to marketing materials. ULG understands that better translation and interpretation means better patient outcomes.

Our certified linguists create cost-efficient and effective solutions for healthcare providers big and small, using innovative technologies to meet all of our clients’ needs. ULG provides language services for hospitals, clinics, dental offices and nursing homes. Our quality processes, coupled with our experienced project management teams, make sure our healthcare clients get results that exceed industry standards.

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Over-the-Phone (OPI)
Video Remote (VRI)


Marketing Materials


Signs and Placards

Patient Documentation

Lab Results
Patient Education
Medical Records

Informed Consent Forms
Aftercare Patient Instructions
HIPAA Waivers

Website Translation

Localization Analysis
Quality Assurance

Design Localization
Localization Engineering

Multimedia and E-Learning

Instructions For Use
Informational Videos

Product Labels
Employee Training

“During our long association with ULG, I’ve been continually impressed with their courtesy, speed and professionalism. They’ve consistently delivered excellent results and gone to extensive effort to train our staff in globalization best practices.”

– Publications Manager at Avocent

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powered by experience.

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