Multilingual Campaign Development

Your message and your brand have to be able to effectively reach your audience all over the world in their native language. Working with ULG and our marketing experts is the first step to making that happen.

Developing a powerful campaign requires a large amount of time and effort. And at ULG we know that the same goes for the globalization and translation of that campaign. We have a fully developed, adaptable and scalable process for developing a multilingual campaign that preserves your own compelling brand message and voice.

ULG can translate and localize all text and materials in a multilingual campaign – including taglines, marketing copy, press releases, images or icons. Our specialized linguists use the related processes of translation, localization and transcreation to make a specially designed campaign hit its target in any language.

ULG has solutions for a project of any scope. Whether your campaign needs to be translated into one language or a dozen, our experts will make your organization stand out wherever it goes.

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