Corporate Communications

In order to effectively communicate with global clients, companies need to create corporate communications that are culturally relevant and consistent. ULG relies on its expert linguists and project managers to develop corporate messaging that resonates with an international audience.

ULG provides corporate communication translations in all of the industries we serve. We work with subject matter expert linguists to create both internal and external documents necessary for businesses to reach their core constituencies.

We provide a number of translation services for marketing materials, including public relations campaigns, email communications, brochures and advertisements. We also offer internal corporate communication services, translating corporate guidelines as well as policies and procedures.

Our Translation Management System, Octave, creates a centralized workflow to manage translation projects and integrates clients and ULG project managers and linguists to ensure a no surprises experience.

We understand brand consistency, and include multiple validation steps in the translation process to ensure corporate communications are culturally relevant while remaining compatible to their original message.

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