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Given what you spend on global marketing these days, even one word “lost in translation” is too many.

With over 35 years of experience, ULG is a proven leader in globalization. Regardless of your industry or where you do business, we tailor global marketing plans to broaden your reach and ensure your success. And in an increasingly technology-driven world, we help you stay ahead of the curve by developing strong multilingual SEO strategies and rich, accurate and consistent content.

From customized workflows to global marketing campaign development, ULG combines unmatched expertise and quality standards and to develop translation and transcreation projects on time and and on budget. Every time.

Global Marketing Services

Corporate Communications

The information companies release to inform stakeholders, clients, the media and the public must be accurate and adaptable to different cultural groups. ULG’s team of expert linguists translates copy that maintains your branding message while localizing complex ideas to different target markets.

Website Localization

ULG transforms digital content to reach international consumer and B2B markets, leveraging our experienced global project management teams and multilingual web localization expertise. Our website localization services include usability testing, as well as the adaption of interactive content and graphical user interfaces (GUI). Our experienced linguists, customized CMS integrations, and proven quality assurance methods ensure an effective global website that appeals to any target market.

The language resources your healthcare organization leverages can make or break the ratings you earn from the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) during their Secret Shopper program. Everything from the quality of the interpreter, to the call connection time to the technology you’re implementing can impact the experience for a secret shopper.

So, what will they be scoring on and what can you do to ensure you are prepared for this year’s program?

Interpreter Quality

If a patient, or secret shopper in this case, has an interaction with an interpreter that doesn’t exhibit professionalism or proper training, that can result in poor reviews and increased costs for your organization. Not only should an interpreter have proper call and conversation etiquette, but for a field as specialized as healthcare, they should be experts in the vertical. This includes total mastery of the medical terminology and procedures they interpret for.

In addition, all healthcare interpreters must understand and follow the strict confidentiality protocols of handling sensitive patient information and other mandatory HIPAA regulations. At ULG, our network of ULG Medical Interpretation Qualifications
(including on-site, over-the-phone and video-remote linguists) undergo extensive training, testing and continuous monitoring to ensure their interpreting skills will positively represent your organization during all interactions with patients or secret shoppers.

Customizable Technology

Utilizing the best technology available will help you prepare, track and optimize performance during the secret shopper period. Access to enhanced, real-time metrics is key. ULG uses proprietary technology that is user-intuitive and completely customizable ­– we want to get you the data you value for your business goals and tracking.

For example, our over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) service has dashboards that can be tailored based on your needs. Whether that be average call time, call volume or average speed to answer. These data points are critical to providing the insight during the secret shopper periods and can give you a snapshot you need to ensure resources are properly allocated.

Below are two examples of custom dashboards our teams have created for OPI clients:

Real-time data can display custom metrics, including average call time, number of calls, calls by language and more.



Get Started

It’s not too late to prepare for the CMS 2020 Secret Shopper program. Our team would be happy to consult with you and take the steps to help you achieve 5-star ratings. To get started, reach out to Leslie Iburg ( to schedule a brief consultation. 

Multilingual SEO Consulting

Creating and localizing your digital content is only one side of the digital marketing coin. Keyword research and SEO strategy is imperative to ensure web-based content reaches a global target audience in any industry. ULG’s linguists and developers work together to translate and localize landing pages, keywords and website content that will drive traffic to your international webpages and keep clients coming back.

Multilingual Campaign Development

A strong marketing campaign requires effective content, planning, and tools to measure success – as well as translation and localization to reach a global audience. Don’t sacrifice success on campaign materials that won’t connect with a global audience. ULG’s experienced subject matter expert linguists provide accurate translations that will make any multilingual campaign a success.

Online + Interactive Content Localization

Consumers want content to be customized and interactive, which requires localization of digital content to account for nuance, cultural relevance, and international usability. ULG helps global brands retain brand identity while catering to a multilingual consumer market with our suite of digital localization services.

Multilingual CMS Integration

ULG’s translation management portal, Octave, allows for seamless integration with third party Content Management Systems (CMS). Our Application Program Interface (API) capabilities make the transfer of data between different content management platforms convenient for all parties involved in a translation and localization project.

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