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Given what you spend on global marketing these days, even one word “lost in translation” is too many.

With over 35 years of experience, ULG is a proven leader in globalization. Regardless of your industry or where you do business, we tailor global marketing plans to broaden your reach and ensure your success. And in an increasingly technology-driven world, we help you stay ahead of the curve by developing strong multilingual SEO strategies and rich, accurate and consistent content.

From customized workflows to global marketing campaign development, ULG combines unmatched expertise and quality standards and to develop translation and transcreation projects on time and and on budget. Every time.

Global Marketing Services

Corporate Communications

The information companies release to inform stakeholders, clients, the media and the public must be accurate and adaptable to different cultural groups. ULG’s team of expert linguists translates copy that maintains your branding message while localizing complex ideas to different target markets.

Website Localization

ULG transforms digital content to reach international consumer and B2B markets, leveraging our experienced global project management teams and multilingual web localization expertise. Our website localization services include usability testing, as well as the adaption of interactive content and graphical user interfaces (GUI). Our experienced linguists, customized CMS integrations, and proven quality assurance methods ensure an effective global website that appeals to any target market.

How Companies are Using Machine Translation to Open the Lines of Communication

By United Language Group

Whether you have a global workforce or employees that are working outside of their native language, opening the lines of communication can be as simple as a machine translation plugin.


Many companies already utilize the wonders of instantaneous translation engines, or MT, for technical documentation and large volumes of non-critical, external material. However, MT can grease the wheels of collaboration and inclusion within a company by directly translating emails, chats and shared documents.


Eliminating Exclusivity

A diverse workforce equates to diversity of ideas and fresh perspectives that can help push the company forward. However, if employees in different countries or Limited English Proficiency (LEP) workers are not equipped with the tools to knowledge-share, it can lead to feelings of alienation and spur situations that hurt morale or promote exclusivity.


By implementing an MT solution, employees can feel empowered to speak up and feel heard. Any emails or chats they compose will be instantly translated into the target language with accuracy. This translation solution can effectively eliminate any miscommunications among teams that result in business delays; any fear to share concepts due to limited language ability and feelings of exclusivity.


Beware of off-the-shelf translation tools

There are many machine translation engines on the market, but they are not all created equal when it comes to quality, and especially security. The tech giants can put companies at risk of security breaches that leave sensitive data outside the wall for the competition to find, whereas proprietary platforms like Octave MT, powered by Lucy, keep internal information private.


Other MT systems retain private conversation data for commercial and internal use. Octave MT is developed in a way that makes that impossible. It’s 256-bit encryption on all data transfers means that internal exchanges are confidential -- as soon as the translated content is delivered between parties, it’s deleted from the system.


Real-life application
With OctaveMT, here is how one of ULG’s clients discovered the power of truly seamless global communication, and saved millions of dollars in the process.


The web-based, scalable MT engine was seamlessly integrated into their existing authoring tools; it can be fully integrated into SAP software, users’ CMS, LMS or other systems. With MT, they were able to translate over 57 million words at a fraction of the cost of human translation – making a truly connected global workforce a cost-effective reality.

Connect your corporate world

A unified workforce can move mountains, and the right machine translation platform can help connect employees of all backgrounds. Ensuring employees are able to accurately and confidently communicate no matter the country or language is critical to better workplace inclusion, and ultimately, success.


Read more about our platform, OctaveMT powered by Lucy, here.

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Multilingual SEO Consulting

Creating and localizing your digital content is only one side of the digital marketing coin. Keyword research and SEO strategy is imperative to ensure web-based content reaches a global target audience in any industry. ULG’s linguists and developers work together to translate and localize landing pages, keywords and website content that will drive traffic to your international webpages and keep clients coming back.

Multilingual Campaign Development

A strong marketing campaign requires effective content, planning, and tools to measure success – as well as translation and localization to reach a global audience. Don’t sacrifice success on campaign materials that won’t connect with a global audience. ULG’s experienced subject matter expert linguists provide accurate translations that will make any multilingual campaign a success.

Online + Interactive Content Localization

Consumers want content to be customized and interactive, which requires localization of digital content to account for nuance, cultural relevance, and international usability. ULG helps global brands retain brand identity while catering to a multilingual consumer market with our suite of digital localization services.

Multilingual CMS Integration

ULG’s translation management portal, Octave, allows for seamless integration with third party Content Management Systems (CMS). Our Application Program Interface (API) capabilities make the transfer of data between different content management platforms convenient for all parties involved in a translation and localization project.

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