Five Tips To Cut Translation Costs By 25 Percent Or More

Given the current economy, companies large and small are looking for all possible means to reduce costs and maximize revenues. One area where costs can always be saved is in the creation, management and delivery of content – in the form of user guides, online help, product labeling, training materials and marketing collateral. All too often, the production of these materials is laden with a significant duplication of effort, high administrative costs and a lack of quality control tools that can be applied uniformly across all projects.

Companies in the international arena face an even larger challenge. Maintaining efficient control over the writing, editing and publishing activities for a single user manual in the source language may be fairly manageable, but when the process is multiplied across dozens of deliverables and multiple languages, it becomes time-consuming, expensive and risk-exposed. This is especially true if such documents are not created and managed within a centralized content management environment.

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