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Consumer product-related content should be understandable and accurate in any language. ULG’s experience helps to create compliant, effective multilingual consumer products that give our clients the edge in an ever-expanding global marketplace.

We leverage our processes, which are certified to ISO standards, to translate consumer products for companies all over the world. Our team of expert linguists, project managers, and DTP engineers make sure messages will effectively reach a global population. Subject-matter experts and qualified linguists translate consumer messages for a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, home office, personal healthcare, IT and more. United Language Group’s technology works as a value-added resource for clients, enabling them to have their materials translated in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Marketing Materials

Press Releases
Website Content


Public Relations Campaigns

Press Releases

Website Content
Television Commercials
Client Correspondence
Employee Communications

Product Guides

Product Specifications
Training Materials
Project Manuals

Operation Manuals
Policies and Procedures
Summary of Product Characteristics


Web-Based Training
Computer-Based Training
Classroom-Based Instructional Manuals
XML-Based Reusable Learning Projects

Certification and Assessment Programs
Multimedia Applications
Learning Management Systems

Multimedia Programs

Multilingual eLearning Training Programs
Voiceover and Subtitling Projects
Interactive Voice Response Translations

Multimedia Quality Assurance
Cultural Assessment of Multimedia Materials

Help and Tutorials

Customer Support Programs
Online Help and Troubleshooting

Process Analysis and Design

“We were delighted to find that United Language Group offered a different kind of service. It was tailored to our unique business needs.We didn’t have to alter our processes to fit into a restrictive structure.”

– Director of Pharmacovigilance, #1 Global CRO

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