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Obamacare Patient Protection Laws Require Health Insurance Company to Overhaul Its Communication Management Platform

A large U.S. healthcare company serves multiple markets with numerous healthcare plans. Under Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, commonly called ObamaCare) rules, it and other healthcare entities must now provide translated materials to certain “threshold” populations of customers who do not use English as their first language.
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ULG Case Study 006: Obamacare Patient Protection Laws

eBook: How To Optimize Translations And Accelerate Time To Market

To succeed in the global business arena, companies that manufacture and distribute products must be agile, efficient and operationally adept at marketing in unique local geographies. At the center of this formidable challenge is the often complex process of translating and localizing high quality product-related content – typically under intense time pressures. Combined with an ever-expanding list of markets and languages, these multilingual projects can become overwhelming. This requires companies to treat translation as a critical path event, not merely an afterthought, in the product marketing life cycle.
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How To Optimize Translations eBook
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