The grant will allow ULG to continue its focus on creating disruptive Machine Translation offerings for global clients

Minneapolis, MN, USA (March 5, 2018) – United Language Group (ULG) has been awarded a quarter of a million euro grant by the Industrial Development Agency of Ireland to build out a research and development team in its Galway Office that will focus on Neural Machine Translation technology.

The subsidy allows ULG, one of the largest language solutions providers in the world, to continue to focus its energy on cutting-edge translation automation and to create a world in which language is no longer a barrier.

The funds will be used to augment ULG’s neural R&D team and establish collaborative research projects with the Insight Center for Data Analytics at the National University of Ireland Galway, the ADAPT Center at Trinity College Dublin and the Irish Center for High-End Computing.

“This is a major development in ULG’s continued efforts to create the most efficient and disruptive technologies in the language solutions market and will allow our teams to deliver the latest in Machine Translation offerings to clients in need of efficient and secure translation automation,” said ULG President Kristen Giovanis.

Ireland’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA Ireland) is a non-commercial organization that promotes investment in Ireland by providing capital and employment, research and development and training grants for companies in the country.

The IDA works with clients in a number of different sectors, including the financial, engineering, med tech, IOT and pharmaceutical industries.

About The Presenter: Gregor Thurmair

Gregor Thurmair has been at the forefront of Machine Translation (MT) technology and development for the better part of three decades. He’s led research teams, research departments and currently serves as an information extraction and translation consultant for several companies. He has published over 50 papers on MT and has presented at conferences all over the world.

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