The Cooperation Question: A New Era In Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Investigations – Bloomberg BNA, September 2016

By United Language Group

In a traditional Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigation, the relationship between the Department of Justice and the entity under investigation can often be adversarial and contentious, and investigations can last for years.

In an effort to streamline these investigations, maximize efficiency and use of resources and promote transparency and accountability, the DOJ has launched a one-year pilot program.

In this article, Scott Herber, EVP and General Manager at VIA, and Amelia Hairston-Porter, Counsel at Miller & Chevalier, explain how the new Department of Justice pilot program has changed the landscape for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigations and why taking a more collaborative approach might benefit both the target corporation and the government.

In addition, since translations are an inevitability in virtually all FCPA investigations, Scott and Amelia discuss how to handle documents in different languages and different countries efficiently and cost effectively.

The Cooperation Question: A New Era In Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Investigations


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