LegalTech 2017: Exploring Digital Advances in the Legal Sphere

By United Language Group

At the end of the month, thousands of legal professionals will gather in New York City for LegalTech, an annual tradeshow that explores technological trends in the legal industry.

LegalTech 2017 runs from Jan. 31st-Feb. 2 and provides an opportunity for attendees to engage in the marketplace of ideas, discussing how technology continues to change the way firms litigate cases. The event draws more than 10,000 attendees and hosts over 200 speakers from around the world, with almost 90 percent of AM Law 100 firms attending each year.

The event will touch on a number of topics, including everything from eDiscovery strategies involving analytics and the cloud to compliance and regulations.

United Language Group (ULG) will be attending LegalTech and exhibiting at booth 2003. For more information, click here.

The LegalTech tradeshow is part of LegalWeek, which will explore business and regulatory trends in law.

Keeping Up with New Technologies

In a world that is in constant flux due to emerging technologies, ULG feels a responsibility to keep up with latest trends in the legal sphere. And, as a global translation provider with international legal expertise, LegalTech 2017 provides ULG the opportunity display our abilities as a top Language Service Provider (LSP).

In a summary of LegalTech 2016, Ian McCauley highlighted eDiscovery, information governance and privacy issues as high points. Attendees should expect more of the same this year, as these topics continue to evolve and gain ground in the industry.

This year’s agenda covers analytics, the cloud, email security and more. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be another hot topic at this year’s event, a subject that’s recently made its way into a growing conversation in the translation industry.

Heeding Zach Abramowitz’s advice in an Above The Law article that ignoring trends in technology is done at one’s own “peril” seems to be a prescient warning. Especially as our technological capabilities continue to rapidly expand and evolve, attorneys need to absorb as much as they can in order to keep up with relevant practices.

Networking at LegalTech

Not only will LegalTech 2017 provide an opportunity for lawyers and firms to soak up new information on legal technology, it will also introduce attendees to new people and ideas.

New York City provides an exciting atmosphere for LegalTech, and gives attendees the chance to visit some of the country’s major law firms. The more communication and education there is among the legal community, the better prepared it will be to face new frontiers in the digital age.

Social engagements before and after LegalTech events create networking opportunities and give insight into how others in the industry are utilizing technology to succeed. Ultimately, LegalTech is about industry experts getting together to learn from one another.


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