Amplification of ideas in French, Russian, Basque 

By United Language Group

Social media round up for the week of 11-28-2016.

  • Slate had an interesting article on the accuracy of the linguistics in “Arrival”, here.
  • And on Grammarly, we read about trends and the history of internet slang.
  • We saw a handy reference – a list of journals on legal translation here on the Wordstodeeds blog.
  • Basque language organizations urge official status for own language in France’s Basque Country on Nationalia.
  • Buzzfeed clickbait but still fun: “29 Things You Will Only Understand If You Studied Russian”.
  • The TED blog had a great piece on the how translation amplifies ideas, we really liked it!
  • Slator News had this: “Neural Conquers Patent Translation in Major WIPO Roll-out”.
  • This was awesome! The 10 most badass Latin phrases and what they mean, from the Daily Dot.
  • ‘We’re hungry for more’: Have you heard about the Kalima project? Its celebrating the Arabic translation of its 900th book. Wow!
  • Have you heard about this megaphone that translates in real time while you speak? We love it!
  • We read on the New York Times about Italy’s last, and struggling bastion of the Catalan language, over here. Very interesting.


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