An accurate translation is your key to the global marketplace. Our portfolio of language services opens new doors to businesses expanding worldwide.

Every country has a unique marketplace and a unique way of speaking. Your translation and interpretation must reflect it in order to be effective. ULG provides the highest quality translation and interpretation services that will help you build effective relationships around the world. Whether the client is writing technical documents for a product label, or marketing campaigns for global release, ULG has the expertise and resource depth to make translation projects successful.
As an innovative language services provider with local linguist teams around the world, ULG is on the forefront of localization trends and cultural accuracy.

Product Manuals

For the past 35 years, companies in a variety of industries have turned to ULG’s translation services for safety, technical, appliance and instruction manuals. Our terminology management solutions and global team of expert linguists ensure accurate translations at affordable rates, accounting for the stringent regulations and safety procedures needed for effective technical communications.

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Technical Documentation

At ULG, we know that accurate translations of technical documents are best produced by linguists possessing both technical experience and the ability to distill complicated information into easily accessible copy. That’s why we contract linguists from around the world, all of whom have industry-specific knowledge, to translate and localize patents, test methods, data sheets, manufacturing standards, system architecture specs and more.

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Corporate Communications

The information corporations create to inform stakeholders, clients, the media and the public must be accurate and adaptable to different cultural audiences. ULG contracts expert linguists to translate messages that maintain your brand message, and localize cultural ideas for unique target markets.

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Sales and Marketing Materials

ULG translates sales and marketing material for companies in each industry vertical we serve. Localization is imperative in today’s global economy, and ULG’s linguists create multilingual press releases, presentations, sell sheets, newsletters and more to make sure you successfully reach your international target markets.

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Financial Documents

With a global team of financial subject-matter expert linguists , ULG provides accurate translations on time and within budget. We bring a consultative approach to translating a variety of different financial document types, including balance sheets, RFPs, income statements, internal communications, investment documentation and audit reports.

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ULG transforms digital content to reach international consumer and B2B markets, leveraging our experienced global project management teams and multilingual web localization expertise. Our website localization services include usability testing, as well as the adaption of interactive content and graphical user interfaces (GUI).  Our experienced linguists, customized CMS integrations, and proven quality assurance methods ensure an effective global website that appeals to any target market.

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