Octave MT

Smart + secure MT solutions for sensitive communications.

OctaveMT is a secure, real-time language identification and translation application, hosted on United Language Group’s proprietary Octave TMS. Designed to seamlessly integrate into a business’ day-to-day workflow, it instantly encrypts and processes short-form texts like sensitive emails, memos and other internal communications. When a business utilizes other machine translation services, like Google Translate, Yandex or Bing, it effectively hands over ownership of that content to the service provider. Hidden within their terms of use, these services claim unreserved rights over any source content entered by users – which means that confidential data can be leveraged both privately and publicly by the service provider. OctaveMT will never store or use your data. Translations originate from EU, UN, and other public sources, and are generated by Moses engines.

OctaveMT is currently available for the following language pairs:

German ←→ English
Spanish ←→ English
French ←→ English
Italian ←→ English
Dutch ←→ English
Polish ←→ English
Portuguese ←→ English
Russian ←→ English
Chinese ←→ English
Japanese ←→ English
Swedish ←→ English
Korean ←→ English

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