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No technology is ever new. The best innovations stand on the shoulders of the past. Each innovation drives technology solutions forward at an ever-greater pace.

At ULG, we believe that the best way to deploy technology is to acquaint ourselves with our clients’ day-to-day workflow and address the pain-points and inefficiencies within it. Whether that means improving pre-existing solutions or developing technology that charts previously unexplored territory, we’ll leave no stone unturned to harness technology in the way that best suits our clients’ unique needs.

Constructing the future of language translation.

We’ve built a dedicated Research & Development team devoted to exploring new frontiers in translation technology. The team is composed of developers, industry professionals, technology analysts, and localization engineers who work together to push the boundaries of what is possible in the language landscape. They tap into client experience and mine wider technological breakthroughs to anticipate, rather than react to, changing market requirements.

Octave is ULG’s secure, web-based translation management portal, allowing clients to submit projects, receive estimates, track project progress, download status reports and manage a terminology database. With Octave, clients can access real-time project status, and submit new projects from anywhere in the world, at any time. Octave also acts as ULG’s proprietary tool for project management, reporting, and internal communication.

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With a focus on the needs of users in regulated industries like legal, life sciences, insurance and IT, we developed the world’s fastest, most flexible MT solution with security at the core: OctaveMT, powered by Lucy. Backed by nearly 2 decades of research and development from our team of linguistic scientists and developers, this lightweight software combines the accuracy of traditional statistical and rule-based machine translation technology into a hybrid linguistic engine with the power to mirror your corporate voice – right down to your industry terminology and jargon – in over 40 language directions.

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ULG’s Octave TMS seamlessly integrates into third party technologies with our custom application program interface (API) system, OctaveAPI. OctaveAPI offers global content creators the ability to efficiently export text to ULG for translation, and receive quality translated material for easy import into any CMS.  This service is available both for standard and proprietary content management systems in a variety of industries and specialties.

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