The implementation of an SAP system is an ongoing process. ULG is committed to working with clients long after initial implementation to make sure the systems are continually updated and working effectively.

Many clients look to ULG not just for an initial translation effort, but also for long-term support. Development is an ongoing process, and ULG works with clients during each step of that process to ensure your long term needs are met.

This means managing delta-translations over time, providing assistance with particular data types and designing systems for supplementation and secondary language display. In addition, ULG provides general troubleshooting assistance for international systems when necessary.

Once an initial translation is completed, there’s still more work to do in order to keep a system up to date. With our comprehensive and fully inclusive SAP localization solutions, we account for post-implementation updates and development.

By guiding clients before, during and after an initial rollout, ULG alleviates pain points and creates value-driven solutions in a timely and effective manner.

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