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Technology can make the translation process easier, and that’s especially true when it comes to multilingual SAP projects. ULG’s translation technologies help clients accelerate global rollouts.

We know that standard SAP tools don’t always take care of certain localization needs; that’s why ULG creates custom solutions to address these issues.

ULG’s software solutions build on and complement the standard tools provided by SAP, and create a customized experience based on client needs.

We utilize a Customizing Translation Accelerator (CTA) for translating customizing tables and a Master Data Translation Accelerator (MTA) for effectively translating master data.

Our Term Synchronizer generates Translation Memories from the SAP proposal pool entries and guarantees term consistency between the system UI and offline content, like training materials.

These powerful tools were built to specifically address the most common issues we’ve faced over more than a decade of working through international SAP rollouts. ULG anticipates your automation needs so that language is never a barrier to your success.

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