October 10, 2016

United Language Group Releases OctaveMT Machine Translation Application

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New technology translates communications in real time with an emphasis on speed and confidentiality.


Minneapolis, MN USA, October 8, 2016 – United Language Group (ULG) released its proprietary, encrypted machine translation (MT) platform, OctaveMT, to the market today, responding to increased demand for security and efficiency in translation automation. OctaveMT, an integration with ULG’s proprietary TMS, allows users to automatically identify the language of the content, and machine translate into 12 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian – in real time – with many more languages in development in the coming weeks.

ULG’s OctaveMT technology provides a rapid “gisting” translation solution for professional users challenged with speed, confidentiality and volume requirements, including those in HR, legal, financial, and IT sectors. All OctaveMT translations are securely hosted, and all data is encrypted, allowing for confidential translation of emails, text excerpts, and internal communications. The OctaveMT application is available to customers as a subscription service add-on.

“With OctaveMT, ULG is leading the industry in secure, real-time language identification and machine translation,” says Cecil Looney, R&D Manager at ULG. “Our professional clientele requires a more advanced solution than current browser-based translation services, especially those clients in regulated industries or in departments with confidentiality requirements. Our developers created a solution that combines the subject matter of various industries with the robust security, to automatically translate blocks of text with more efficiency and consistency than the competition.”

Kristen Giovanis, President of ULG, commented, “The OctaveMT application is going to revolutionize the speed and security of corporate translations. While real time machine translation solutions from large technology companies like Google or Bing are nothing new, the security and confidentiality features of OctaveMT  provide a professional solution for the increasing global demand for real-time translation.”

ULG is a leading provider of translation services, including a full range of machine and human translator options, terminology management, multilingual desktop publishing, digital localization and interpretation.

About United Language Group

United Language Group (ULG) is an innovative translation and localization provider founded on quality processes and language expertise. ULG provides unique technology solutions and high-quality language services to give an exceptional experience to every customer, every time. Ranked as one of the 25 largest language services providers globally, ULG is headquartered in Minneapolis (USA), with offices in New York, London, Galway (Ireland), and Hong Kong.  For more information, visit www.unitedlanguagegroup.com.

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