A spoken conversation can knock down cultural and geographic barriers, regardless of shared language. At ULG, our expert linguists make sure your interpretation needs are met – in any industry.

We offer interpretation services for everything from emergency medical calls to business transactions. Our interpreters are subject matter experts in all the industries they serve and have the experience and expertise to ensure clear, quality communication no matter the situation.We provide over-the-phone, simultaneous and in-person interpreting services, while remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to advancements in interpretation technology.
Our interpreters work in over 200 major languages and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By partnering with ULG, your business can offer this invaluable service, meet your industry’s compliance standards, and expand your global reach while streamlining international transaction processes.

Over-the-phone Interpreting

United Language Group provides Over-The-Phone Interpreting (OPI) services to the medical, IT, insurance, government and legal industries. Our 24/7 call centers provide the necessary support needed to provide adequate language solutions no matter what the project scope. All of our linguists are accredited subject-matter experts with the linguistic and interpersonal skills necessary to speak your language.

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In-person Interpreting

ULG’s trained linguists are available for scheduled in-person interpreting and same-day emergency situations. Together, our interpreters are fluent in over 200 of the world’s major languages and provide an integral piece of medical and legal support services, in addition to working with the IT and insurance sectors.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) combines the immediacy of in-person communication and the flexibility of Over-The-Phone Interpreting (OPI). ULG’s utilizes cutting edge technology to provide VRI for clients anywhere in the world, connecting our trained linguists to end users in a convenient environment that utilizes secure connections. Our VRI services connect users to interpreters on any device, including smart phones and tablets.

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Conference + Meeting Interpreting

The Internet has made globalization mandatory for major organizations; in order to succeed, businesses need to offer their services worldwide to meet international demand. ULG’s conference and meeting interpreting services ensure seamless communication between businesses and multilingual end users, with VRI and OPI that are up to date with the latest in web-based meeting technology.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

ULG’s simultaneous interpreting services allow our linguists to interpret for foreign speakers during large meetings or conferences. During simultaneous interpretation, a speaker will usually talk into a microphone, with an interpreter listening to the message through headphones. The interpreter will then interpret the speaker’s words simultaneously, broadcasting the message to an audience.

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Consecutive Interpretation

Used primarily for smaller presentations and meetings, consecutive interpreting refers to a speaker expressing a complete thought or idea before an interpreter interprets that statement in a different language. Contact ULG to see how our professional interpreters can convey  messages in over 200 of the world’s major languages in the legal, medical, IT, and insurance industries.

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“ULG feels like another department within our company. Their integration with our international, technical and marketing teams and their adaptation to our company culture has allowed us to compete within the global market.”

-Labeling Manager at Medtronic

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