GUI Translation + Localization

The translation and localization of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) presents a number of particular challenges to any globalization project.

ULG has the tools and expertise to tackle the challenges of culturally relevant and globally acceptable GUI localization projects, delivering end products that meet the needs of international users.

Our localization experts and project management teams can develop global GUIs that can accommodate text expansion or contraction, changes in text direction, page format and beyond. ULG can make the necessary adjustments to make for a great looking final product while also ensuring the best translation quality.

We have experience with every platform and operating system, including Windows, MacOS and Android. And we know how to work around every potential complication, including hardcoded text strings, textual icons and updates to font size and type face.

For a task as challenging as GUI localization, it’s key to have an expert service provider on your side. ULG works with our clients to overcome every obstacle in the translation process.

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