Digital Localization

ULG has the tools and technologies to make businesses truly global. We focus on ensuring that multilingual content is fully accessible across all digital platforms.

Digital technology connects businesses and consumers around the world. For this reason, the demand for local-language versions of applications and software is on the rise.
 When it comes to digital localization, businesses require more than simple user-interface translations. They require partners that create effective results, meet deadlines and reduce time-consuming errors.

Software Localization

ULG works with talented developers and subject-matter expert linguists to manage all of your software localization needs, creating user interfaces and content that is culturally relevant and accurately translated. From Content Management Systems (CMS) to eLearning applications, ULG provides usability testing and consulting services to make sure software is ready to be marketed in any global region. Our project teams create customized workflows and CMS integrations that ensure digital content is ready to be used on any device.


Website Localization

ULG transforms digital content to reach international consumer and B2B markets, leveraging our experienced global project management teams and multilingual web localization expertise. Our project teams adapt interactive content and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for global use, and provide usability testing for newly internationalized sites.  Our experienced linguists and proven quality assurance methods ensure the creation of an effective web interface for clients.

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Localization and Functionality Testing Services

End-to-end success on international websites requires a global partner with solid localization and functionality testing process. ULG selects linguists and developers with knowledge specific to your industry to ensure websites are accessible and properly localized to meet the needs of end users in any global region. The ULG web localization team takes into consideration international SEO, content authoring tools and target markets during the testing phase to ensure global sites meet the design and functionality expectations of a global audience.


Multilingual Application Development

ULG develops and tests user interfaces for multilingual applications on desktop and mobile devices by leveraging expert linguists and experienced developers. As mobile applications become an essential piece of the global marketing puzzle, companies need to create content on platforms that will reach international markets. ULG uses our experience in the language industry to develop digital applications that are relevant in any industry, and any region.


Internationalization Assessments

Does your digital content meet internalization standards? An internationalization assessment needs to be completed in order to create culturally relevant and globally acceptable material. ULG analyzes the design and development of digital content to make sure it meets the cultural and linguistic requirements of any target market.


GUI Translation + Localization

ULG utilizes best-in-class technology, multilingual desktop publishing engineers, and a pool of more than 10,000 qualified, subject matter expert linguists ensure digital graphics and interactive content meets the needs of audience. We address the needs of clients requiring  globalized Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and other interactive content for websites, software, and mobile applications.


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