Top Five Tips And Tricks For Reducing E-Disclosure Costs

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The abundance of electronic information created and stored by large corporations has made the adoption of efficient disclosure practices a more important corporate objective than ever before.

Reviewing and producing information for inspection in response to disclosure obligations can be burdensome and expensive. A disorganized or untimely disclosure can have disastrous consequences, including costly demands for specific disclosure, sanctions or the unintentional production of personal or privileged information.

However, by adopting an eDisclosure action plan based on the five tips discussed here, any company can implement an efficient strategy for meeting disclosure obligations, reduce the impact of legal activity on ongoing business operations, and reduce costs related to document review and production. Proper planning among corporate counsel, outside counsel and the company’s eDisclosure solution provider can ensure efficiency in any size or type of matter. Rather than face a fire drill with each disclosure event, with some planning, you will be ready to respond swiftly and cost effectively.

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