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Global Med Device Company Needs E-Learning Program Translated And Localized Into 11 Languages To Train 25,000 Employees
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A global medical device manufacturer created a series of web-based modules for an employee training program on good documentation practice requirements. In order to reach all of its international employees and guarantee consistency of training across all of its sites, the client needed to localize the training modules into 11 languages. The training modules were originally created in Adobe Flash® with ActionScriptTM, JavaScriptTM, HTML and XML components. The modules consisted of 422 files, 96 non-editable graphics and more than 30,000 words, all of which contained source content that required localization.

The training modules made extensive use of screenshots of specific paper forms that employees were required to fully complete on a daily basis as part of their job. The screenshots contained text, as well as examples of handwriting, signatures and other various handwritten symbols, all of which had to be localized and reproduced in each requested language.

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